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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: When was Marijuana Jobs Cannabis Careers website founded?
    • Answer: Since 2016, the Marijuana Jobs Cannabis Careers website has been trusted to help people just like you get a marijuana job or continue their cannabis career.
  • Question: How much does this website charge?
    • Answer: Get started for free without any cost or payment whatsoever. No debit or credit credit needed ever. No hidden fees involved ever. No recurring subscription dues required ever. No need to pay for anything later - it is all freely accessible and free of charge forever!
  • Question: What is the maximum upload size?
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Experts predict that the number of jobs in the USA cannabis industry will double over the next five years to close to 750,000 jobs!

  • Since 2016, the Marijuana Jobs Cannabis Careers™ website (that you are currently on) has been one of best online job boards with a searchable database of resumes in the cannabis industry. Our mission is to help people (just like you) get hired by cannabis companies in locations all over the USA.
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